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About Our Area:

The Quinlan Independent School District is a district comprised of several small towns that span an area of 152 square miles and has a population of over 20,000.

Sixty eight to seventy five percent of the children attending school here are on the free or discounted lunch program. Many live in dire and unbelievable conditions. And the need here continues to grow.

What We Do:

Although we have assisted many families with children county-wide - most of our services are given in the Quinlan/Lake Area of Southern Hunt County.

We work very closely with our local schools, churches, and local agencies to address the needs of the children that are not being met by other available services.

We take referrals from school nurses, counselors and other organizations countywide and provide assistance where it is needed most.

Our Programs:

The Back to School Mission provides back packs and all the school supplies on the list for the grade the child is in. These supplies are taken to the school and are in the students room the day school starts.

Clothe the Kids is a program designed to help families in need with school clothing for their children. Students are nominated by their teachers, approved by the counselors then the applications are sent on to us. We contact the family and make arrangements to take the family shopping.

The Christmas Assistance Program provides help with Christmas for the children. We take applications for assistance as well as referrals from schools, churches and other organizations.

The Medical Assistance Program is funded by Hunt Memorial Hospital District. Most any medical expense not paid for by Medicaid, can be paid for by this program providing the family meets our requirements.

Our Emergency Response Program is partially funded by United Way of Hunt County and it covers most any expense that falls through the cracks of our other programs.

We have worked hand in hand with Lake Area Shared Ministries to assists families in need with utility bills, temporary housing, clothing, food, baby food, diapers, car seats, coats, shoes, blankets and the list goes onů

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